VibraClear Review and Consumer Report

Overall Performance

VibraClear hearing devices are considered BTE, meaning Behind the Ear. This design allows for multi directional microphones and hearing, which provides users a better experience. While BTE device designs are used for the most troubled hearing situations, Sleek and Discreet designs have made them very popular for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Traditionally BTE devices will provide users the most complete remedy for their hearing situation. The issues has always been visibility and price. VibraClear has created a BTE device that is a bit Bulky. While the product is rechargeable (latest market trend), its bulky size make it easily visible on most men and obvious on women.

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Ease of Use – VibraClear is a simple BTE device that is fairly easy to use. The rechargeable aspects of this brand make it much more attractive than those devices that use batteries. As far as Ease of Use is concerned, VibraClear meets the standard.

Comfortable to Wear – Typically behind the ear devices are among the most comfortable to wear all day. VibraClear’s design is on the bulky side as we stated which makes it slightly less comfortable than usual. Users have reported the device pushing outward on the earlobes, which was unpleasant or unwanted.

Pre-Set Modes – VirbraClear does NOT offer any preset modes to optimize your hearing based upon your environment. This is shame. While more volume maybe what’s needed most, strategic noise cancelling can make navigating conversation in a crowded room much easier.

Visibility – Not to beat a dead horse, but as we have mentioned, this designed is more bulky than modern BTE devices. This, of course, makes it more visible to others. Most BTE devices stay fairly well hidden, however according to users, that is not the case with VibraClear.

Price – VibraClear is a rechargeable hearing device, so its price includes the charging base as well as the hearing devices themselves. This naturally adds some value to the equation as there are no future battery purchase etc. Priced at $2,100 – $3,200, depending on your needs, VibraClear is at or below the market average.