LG LP0814WNR Portable Air Conditioner

LG LP0814WNR Portable Air Conditioner


Overall Performance


Overall Mobility


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LG LP0814WNR Air Conditioner Reviews and Consumer Product Report

LG Air ConditionerOverall Performance

LG Portable Air Conditioner has a maximum cooling capacity of 8000 BTU. This compact unit is ideal for smaller spaces, effectively cooling rooms up to 200 sq. ft. This portable air conditioning unit will has 2 speed adjustable fan so you can more effectively control the room temperature. The dehumidifying capablities allow for upwards of 48 pints of excess moisture per day. This air conditioner does not use much energy and is an extremely cost effective unit. If you are on a tight budget and needs a cooling solution, you may want to check this unit out.

Overall Mobility

This light weight, compact unit can easily be moved to any room in the house. Weighing in at only 48 lbs. this unit can be managed by most. LG LP0814WNR Portable Air Conditioner also is equipped to glide smoothly across any floor surface. The window kit is easy to install and fits in most standard window sizes.

Ease of Uselg display

The display and easy touch buttons on the LG LP0814WNR Portable Air Conditioner are extremely easy to understand and use. A remote control allows you to manage the temperature in your room from the comfort of your seat. The evaporation system allows the system to continue running without removing the excess moisture.

Additional Information and Videos

Consumer Advocates recommend that consumers take some time to do their homework before  rushing into a portable air conditioner purchase.  The cost of these units is not cheap, and not all units suit every consumer equally.  Make sure you understand the limitations of the unit you are considering, make sure it is capable of delivering the necessary cooling for your particular situation.

The following video is a demonstration of installation of an LG portable air conditioner.  The exact model of  air conditioner is different in the video than the product that we reviewed here, however the installation is so similar we thought we would share it with you.  See for yourself how easy the installation of this unit can be.