Haier HPB08XCM Portable Air Conditioner

Haier HPB08XCM Portable Air Conditioner


Overall Performance


Overall Mobility


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Haier HPB08XCM Air Conditioner Reviews and Consumer Product Report

Haier Air ConditionerOverall Performance

Haier portable air conditioner is an extremely energy efficient model. The cooling capacity of 8000 BTU means it can quickly cool smaller rooms up to 250 sq. ft. This compact unit can generate 174 CFM of air flow which can circulate and cool your space. This compact unit can also be used as a dehumidifier which is capable of removed in upwards of 72 pints of excess moisture each day. The removal of excess moisture aids in the overall comfort of the room.

Overall Mobility

This compact unit weighs in at only 40 lbs and can be easily be moved anywhere in the home. The caster wheels allow you to roll from room to room or simply change the direction of the air flow within the room. The adjustable window kit fits in most standard sized window and is easily broken down and re installed in just a few steps.

Ease of Usehaier ac

The automatic draining system allows this unit to continue to run without you having to stop and empty the excess moisture. No more overflows while you are at work with this model. The remote control is always a handy benefit and the programmable timer allows you to have the unit turn on or off at a predetermined time. The Haier HPB08XCM Portable Air Conditioner also has a washable pre-filter to help purify the air in the room.

Additional Information for Consumers

Consumer Advocates caution consumers looking to purchase portable air conditioners to gather as much information as possible before making a decision.  Individual units may appear similar, however they can vary quite a bit from model to model.  Read the reviews and consumer product reports to ensure the product cools the size room you need it too…before you buy it.  The more information you have, the greater your odds of finding a solution that suits your individual needs.

For your information we have included a link to the owners manual:

The following video is an example of how to install the Haier portable air conditioner for a sliding window.  As you can see, it is a simple process that anyone can handle.  Take a few minutes to see just how easy it is to install this Haier portable air conditioner.

Here is the installation video for a double hung window.  You will see that no matter what they window set up you have, this unit can be installed quickly by anyone.