Amplonix Review and Consumer Report

Overall Performance

Amplonix hearing devices are a CIC device. Meaning they are Completely In Canal. These tiny devices are small and can fit in the inner canal of your ear. This makes them hard to see to others, however it also makes them difficult to handle, adjust settings and change batteries.

Amplonix rates well in the invisibility category with users, but customers complain about lack of multi directional hearing and the fact that regular maintenance / upkeep is extremely difficult. If consumers are looking for amplification of frequencies for mild to moderate hearing loss, Amplonix claims to deliver the results you want.

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Ease of Use – This category is often overlooked by consumers but it is critical for overall satisfaction with the product. Amplonix is small, delicate and difficult to place into the ear properly. Batteries need to be changed frequently and they are a fraction of the size of the device itself. If you have difficult with the dexterity of your fingers, this product is not for you.

Comfortable to Wear – Assuming you get the device properly inserted into your inner ear, these devices are comfortable to wear. Sometimes, users get frustrated trying to remove the unit which can cause discomfort, but under normal use they are comfortable to wear.

Pre-Set Modes – Amplonix does NOT offer pre-set modes to fine tune your hearing based upon your environment. You will sound amplification but not any noise canceling or crowded environment optimization.

Visibility – Amplonix is small and fits into the inner ear canal, so they are hard for others to notice you are wearing. If visibility is your top priority then Amplonix is worthy of your consideration.

Price – Amplonix prices are about average for the marketplace. Average prices range from $1,500 to $6,500, depending on your specific needs. Amplonix prices of $2,899 fits just under the median price for devices of its type.